Design on Wall Dining Room

Sometimes the application of a pattern of lines often give the impression that too bold so that the impression can be reduced, using alloys and color combinations that are softer dining room ideas. The size of the line width can also reduce the impression created is not good, if the line was made in a size larger then the characters that appear to be increasingly felt relaxed and at ease. Moreover if want to do a combination of soft colors like pastel combined white color, for example, while the line of their dark gray, black, brown or navy blue when combined with white then it could present the impression that manly and masculine and has a strong character so implementation of the concept is great for home or room that most of it is men. You may use this concept as a dining room ideas.

If you want to create an atmosphere more cheerful or playful can apply the effect of the rainbow that is applied to the walls of the dining room. Moreover, if the line is made horizontally, then the rainbow room will also be getting bigger, but the kind of space that deserve implement is a playroom for children. If the lines is quite a lot then often lead to boredom which can be tricked in combination with furniture or furniture that has the appearance of a plain, no motive and ornament altogether.

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