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Tips to Reduce Swelling After Nose Plastic Surgery

The main guidelines for the swelling are cold compress! Some people are impatient with the healing process is long and wants to swell in the nose to disappear soon by putting a cold compress on the nose plastic surgeon santa monica. AVOID THAT because putting something on the nose can change the shape of the implant or cartilage of the nose. Put heat/cold gently around the nose, for example, in the area of the eye, smile lines, lips, etc. Here, plastic surgeon santa monica will tell you some tips.

Swelling occurs immediately after nasal plastic surgery is complete and usually become more severe after 2-3 days. This happens because plasma was leaking into the surrounding tissue and causes it to swell. It is important to reduce spending one plasma by performing a cold compress. Cold compresses should be done continuously to help reduce the swelling that occurs.

Avoid pressure or other disorders of the nose so as not to disturb the healing process of the nose. Implants and cartilage take the time to settle down inside your nose properly. Pressing nose when sneezing, or even just touching it causes the implant to change or move. If you wear glasses, you should avoid wearing glasses for at least 4 weeks. However, it depending on the method of operation is performed by a doctor, maybe you can use the glasses.

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