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ASI FRONTDESK IS ALSO available in 18 local languages

Reservation is a booking made before guests arrive at a hotel.  Reservation and information are the initial activity for activity in the front office department. Now the question arises why the reservation is necessary to do? Especially with the system ASI Front Desk as a hotel software, such as https://www.anandsystems.com/hotel_software/hotel_software.htm. The answer is because with the reservation would bring benefits to both sides, both on the part of a benefit or benefits at the hotel itself.

Reserve today has affiliated with ASI Front Desk as a hotel software. Airline companies: airline companies often book rooms for – the passengers in case of flight departure delays so that passengers have to stay overnight. the travel agency is a source of very potential a booking for the hotel. In its activities of travel agencies sell tour packages that could include accommodation. Guest asked that the travel agency book a room without buying a tour package. In this case, if the travel agency did not have a contract rate with the hotel, the travel agency will get a commission for the service.

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