Umrah Packages Based on Time Departures

When it comes to umrah packages 2017, the same with the packages in the previous year, each of the umrah travel agents usually set their own packages umrah packages 2017. However, the packages are divided based on several common things and one of them is the time of departure. By the time of departure, there are many alternative options Umrah packages offered by umrah travel agencies, among others, as follows.

– Regular, starting one month after the Umrah Hajj and Umrah travel time is 9 days.
– Ramadan, the departure of the pilgrims which is done during Ramadan.
– Laylat al Qadr, the departure of the pilgrims performed at the end of Ramadan.
– Plus travel, additional travel to a particular travel destination after the pilgrimage is completed. For example, plus Dubai, plus Brunei, plus Cairo, plus Europe, and so on.
– School holidays, namely the departure of pilgrims which is during the school holidays. Usually, it is during June through August.

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